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Newsgroups: gnu.emacs
Subject: Boycott apple!
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Date: 20 Jul 89 22:52:28 GMT
Distribution: gnu
Organization: GNUs Not Usenet
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The FSF does not include support for A/UX in the Emacs distribution
because we are boycotting Apple for their "look and feel" lawsuit.
We will continue to boycott them until they either lose or drop the suit.
If they win the suit, the boycott will continue as long as we do.

Apple is trying to create a new kind of legal monopoly, a monopoly on
a class of programs based on their user interface.  If they succeed,
the making of free compatible imitations of commercial software would
be illegal.  This would be the end of the long-term hopes of the GNU
project.  It would also take away the traditional freedom of
all other programmers.

If our boycott, which has received national attention in the press,
significantly harms Apple's public good will, it may make other
companies think twice about suing people in this way.  Even if Apple
wins in court, they may lose in the market, or be overruled by
Congress--if public opinion takes a clear stand.

By contrast, ameliorating A/UX by helping people install GNU software
would make A/UX more attractive, thus increasing its sales, and thus
nourishing the predatory lawyers.

So, if you appreciate GNU software, and hope to see more of it in the
future, take a long-term view: boycott Apple with us.  If you can figure out
how to run GNU software on A/UX, please solve some other problem instead.
If you can supply copies of Emacs for A/UX, spend your time helping people 
in some other way instead.


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Newsgroups: gnu.emacs
Subject: Boycott Apple!
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Date: 11 Oct 89 17:22:59 GMT
Distribution: gnu
Organization: GNUs Not Usenet
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The GNU project is a project to make a free work-alike (GNU) for a
piece of proprietary software: Unix.  Although GNU Emacs is not an
imitation of part of Unix, it is part of this project.

Apple is trying to make work-alikes illegal, by suing others for
developing them.  This is called a "look and feel" suit.  Other
companies that are trying this include Lotus and Ashton-Tate.

You can do business as usual with them, and watch your freedom
disappear.  Or, you can fight to stop them.  If you want to see a wide
range of GNU software in the future, you should help fight them.  (If
you ever want to write a program compatible with an existing program,
you should help fight them.)

So join the Free Software Foundation in boycotting these companies.
Don't buy a Macintosh.  Don't develop software for the Macintosh.  (If
you already bought one, you could sell it to a non-programmer, so you
won't feel pressure to develop anything for it.)  Don't port existing
software (such as GNU Emacs) to the Macintosh.  Don't redistribute
software for the Macintosh.  Don't do anything that would make them
easier or more attractive to use--as every businessman knows, those
are the ways to promote sales.

Status note: Apple is likely to lose this suit, but for a reason which
is not particularly encouraging for us.  These particular defendants
had a previous license from Apple, and the judge ruled it covers most
of the disputed issue.  If Apple sues you or me, or if someone else
follows their lead and sues you or me, we can't expect to have this
way out.  We still have a fight on our hands.